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According to a recent survey of Forrester Research, sales online touched the 200 billion dollar quota in 2011, about 7 percent on the total of retail sales, and for 2016 this percentage is destined to reach 10%.




Even during periods of recession and stagnation, the companies that turned to electronic commerce knew how to take advantage of the opportunities that come inevitably with every crisis. Limited costs, agile logistics and an immense market: these are the main factors that make electronic commerce the future of retail, also thanks to the widespread availability of ever more secure systems of payment and the trust that these systems generate in consumers.

We can help you to create your shop online, and manage both the development and the study of the upstream and downstream logistics, thanks to our partnership with important firms of international renown. We will be at your side like a partner and not a mere service provider, and we will help you to realize your sales system and manage it efficiently to obtain incredible results.

2013 was a year of recession, and 2014 does not seem to promise significant improvement: investment in the online channel is a farsighted, winning choice.

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