Websites management

Usually, when one decides to create one’s own website, the phase of realization and development is thought to be the most difficult and time-consuming.

Instead the critical phase is almost always when you find yourself alone, with your brand new site and you can’t remember what you have to do to change an image or add a page!


Websites management

The actual management of a website is work, and unless you have a passion for the web or resources to dedicate to this activity, very often the failure of an initiative on the web is due precisely to the limited capacity of the site managers to keep it updated and alive with content and news, sometimes for lack of content but mainly because of frustration at the difficulties of updating the site itself.

If your site is not updated enough, the search engines take notice and therefore reward competitive sites maybe not as nice as yours, but more updated. But above all visitors take notice, the people, potential clients, who in 2014 find themselves reading a news latest posted in 2011!


Content management and update

We manage dozens of websites, dealing with the optimizing, editing and normalization of the content and if you need it, also with the iconographic research of images to associate to a blog post or a new page of your site. At that point, updating will become easy for you, like sending an e-mail: in fact, all you have to do is send us an e-mail and within 24 hours your site will be updated.

Furthermore, if you don't have much content or you don't have the time to create some, we can create content of a general or specialized type for your site, for your communication material or for any publication of yours, thanks to our collaboration with well-known journalists and copywriters.

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