Article marketing, editing e copywriting

Creation and Diffusion of Contents relating to your products and services

“Content is king”: this seems to be the paradigm of the social web, or rather of that new concept of Internet, which by now has become the virtual place of global encounter but also and above all, the most important media in existence.



Providing useful and valuable contents, articles and information to users can have very positive repercussions on your brand, according to how the message is conveyed. We realize campaigns of article marketing, that is, of the creation and diffusion of informative articles about your products and/or services, in order to generate a brand awareness and inspire fidelity in those users who enter in contact with these contents in casual or vehicular manner.


Buzz Marketing

But since by now the web is no longer a simple catalogue to be consulted 24 hours out of 24 hours but rather a real and true place of creation of consensus, not only your communiqués, your promotions or your articles create your image online, but also and above all, the content created by the users in any form (reviews, status on social network, comments on blogs or portals...etc.) We help you to monitor the "buzz", that is, the grapevine that develops around your brand, and we intervene in your defense if evident risks of damage to your reputation should arise.

The web is by now the place where public opinion is created. To be there means to succeed in understanding it. Getting there before your competitors is the key to obtain a considerable competitive advantage.

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