Direct email marketing

DEM Campaigns and management of periodic newsletters

Among the various services that Internet offers, the electronic mail is certainly the function that has most changed the way people work in the last 20 years. It is estimated that in Europe, on the average, everyone receives about 29 e-mails a day, and that contrary to what you might think, only a small part of these are publicity messages.



DEM (Direct Email Marketing)

The dispatch of promotional e-mail messages is one of the activities of web marketing with the most results in the short term and above all with the highest degree of traceability. The dispatch of a promotional mail can have a rate of retention superior to 30%, data impossible to verify (and probably also to obtain) with traditional media.

We realize campaigns of complete mail marketing, from conception to diffusion, passing through graphic and content realization. All the various solutions proposed, foresee the reception of data and reports on how the mail marketing activity is going.



We are in possession of databases of firms of communications of the B2B type, while for the dispatch to single consumers (B2C), we rely on a firm that is a leader in the area that counts more than 6,000,000 unique users in opt-in.

If you want to obtain quick, reliable and good level results, mail marketing is a solution that will give you much satisfaction.

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