Reputation management

Reputation Management Online

The management of your reputation on the Internet is a fundamental part of your branding process, so much for the company as well as for the individual particularly in view. To give space to possible reputational crises on the web (a photo, an article, regardless of their veracity) can be catastrophic from many points of view.



Reputation Management

Reputation management is a combination of activities aiming at the analysis, the study and the management of your reputation online in broad terms. From the removal of defamatory material to the promotion of correctly informative material, there are many steps that can be taken to favor a correct perception of your image on the web.



We can't promise any miracles or any "forced de-indexing". Only a patient and meticulous work of correction of the informative errors that can undermine your reputation on line, with the objective of correcting it, and if possible, improving it.

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