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It is indispensible to have a site. But a site that nobody knows exists, is useless, and the information it contains is lost floating in the sea of contents present on the web.



Search engine

To avoid this, from the very beginning of Internet, a service called Search Engines was founded, to help users find the information they're looking for on the basis of textual strings of research: key words or phrases. Who is it who hasn't at some time or another, sought information on Internet through Google (the most famous and most used search engine on the web), or one of its competitors, Bing, Yahoo! or Virgilio?

By now more than 75% of consumers seek information on Internet before making a purchase, and almost all of them turn to Google or to other search engines to find information about products and services, maybe even verifying the purchase experience of other users.



But time as we know is a tyrant, and the quantity of information on the web is enormous: for a simple research, a user could find thousands if not millions of results at his disposal, arranged according to a large number of variable parameters from one search engine to another. How then can the average user choose which sites to visit?

Easy: he visits the first sites indicated on the page of research, or those with the title that most responds to his needs. It is thus evident how being in the top positions on the search engines, for the words or key phrases pertinent to one's activity, has become an obsession for every man in marketing in every business in existence.

To be first though, it is necessary to know how the algorithms of the search engines function, which is obviously kept secret by the search engines themselves to assure a struggle among the various sites to prevail as the site with the best information. In more than 10 years of experience, we have developed a series of techniques that allow your site to gradually but consistently scale the search engines and arrive in a few months to the so-longed for first page.

We don't promise results in two weeks nor do we boast "privileged channels" with Google like many firms do; it would not be honest nor possible. But we have experience and skills, and a track record verifiable of sites that we manage and/or improve that after a few months have arrived in the first positions of all the principal search engines. And are still there today, after so many years.

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