Communication Services for Large Firms

The large companies turn to the large communication agencies. This phrase has always been considered as dogma, contradicted only on rare occasions, especially in our country where the bond big clients – big agencies has always worked in “good times”.

But today even the large companies have to deal with more “human” budgets and with the demand for many new and specific skills, that are rarely found in the traditional large agencies.

For this reason Liquid Factory is an ideal partner for large companies that want to be present on the web or extend some important features of their own communication, like copywriting or furnishing graphic material.

Among all our services, we have selected a series of activities that in our opinion represent the perfect point of synthesis between large companies and small agencies according to the traditional dimensional standards, but large in terms of the satisfaction that the client will enjoy also in terms of ROI of the investment in communication.


Web communication for startups

Launching a start up is a big job! Many aspects must be considered, like the fiscal aspect, the business plan, the red-tape complexities, especially in Italy. And then you have to think about the headquarters, business models, participation in fairs…etc.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the communication of the startup must begin from the bottom, from the brand to the website up to the web marketing campaign to better publicize the services or products that are being launched.

Liquid Factory is an ideal partner for startup technology or not, also because we too were a startup not very long ago…and we haven’t forgotten how a communication level is built.

For this reason we have developed a “package” of integrated services thanks to which you can set up the communication of your startup and prepare yourself to compete on the global markets. From branding to the site, passing through the texts and campaigns of keyword and social media marketing, the only thing that is standard is the method and the cost of our services: for the rest, everything will be custom made to your needs, to give you the best instruments of communication possible.

Furthermore, if yours is only a startup project and you wish to determine if your idea is valid and has potential on the market, we can give you support in drawing up the business plan and in obtaining European funding for technological development, or other non-repayable financing!

Contact us today for a free consultation of evaluation for a strategy of communication. It would be a pleasure to meet you and listen to your idea of a startup!


Communication services for PMI

The small and medium-size companies are the economic backbone of our country. They represent 97,2 % of the total of Italian firms and in the latest years they paid the highest price in the devastating world financial crisis, but they also sustained Italian economy while the larger firms enjoyed the income of their positions.

If you own or manage a PMI (small, medium-size company), you know very well that in a situation as that of today, where frontiers no longer exist and where exports ever more tow the Italian economy by virtue of the decline of internal demand, being present on the web and on other channels of communication is an imperative that you can no longer ignore.

Among our services, we have selected a series of activities that increasingly are requested by PMI of all sizes and sectors and which in our opinion, represent the foundation to be able to draw up an outline a strategy of communication according to the different objectives that you intend pursuing.

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