Communication Services for Large Firms

The large companies turn to the large communication agencies. This phrase has always been considered as dogma, contradicted only on rare occasions, especially in our country where the bond big clients – big agencies has always worked in “good times”.

But today even the large companies have to deal with more “human” budgets and with the demand for many new and specific skills, that are rarely found in the traditional large agencies.

For this reason Liquid Factory is an ideal partner for large companies that want to be present on the web or extend some important features of their own communication, like copywriting or furnishing graphic material.

Among all our services, we have selected a series of activities that in our opinion represent the perfect point of synthesis between large companies and small agencies according to the traditional dimensional standards, but large in terms of the satisfaction that the client will enjoy also in terms of ROI of the investment in communication.

Federico Giacinti

Federico Giacinti è CEO di Liquid Factory ed esperto di web marketing.