Who we are

Liquid Factory is a digital marketing agency. We operate in web design, web marketing, graphics and mobile web.

Founded in 2011 by the will of two lifelong friends and freelance with decades of experience in the field of web design, Liquid Factory has established itself over the past three years as one of the fastest growing web agency in Italy.



Liquid Factory is a creative agency strongly oriented to the web , which intends to provide its customers with innovative communication services, quality, highly customized and adhering to the specific needs of the organization and its stakeholders. The key values ​​of Liquid Factory are:

  • Organization: Liquid Factory has a stable organizational structure, coordinated and tested. All professionals working in Liquid Factory are contracted stably, refer to a solid corporate mold structure different from the "chaos" of the classic advertising agencies.
  • Innovation: we study, analyze and implement the best technological solutions available on the market at any given time. We offer innovative solutions to our customers to guide them to success on the web.
  • Quality: the attention to detail resulting from an accurate understanding of the work as a whole, the passion to create new personalized services and the value added by the skills of the individual professionals that are part of Liquid Factory.
  • Results orientation: understood as a process aimed at understanding the needs of the target customer and to provide only those services that can be useful to the achievement of customer results.
  • Human touch: the human relationship that is established between the client and the representatives of Liquid Factory, one of the things that gratify us and allow us to better interpret customer needs and turn them into products and services.



Liquid Factory is, even before digital creative agency, company. This is, in our view, a strong differentiating factor compared to classic creative agencies, characterized by a variable creative content and a strong dose of chaos and improvisation. But also compared to larger advertising agencies, casts between bureaucratic structures and procedures gargantuan.

The underlying philosophy of Liquid Factory is to create a boutique-oriented web communication, formed by a maximum of 15 employees with stable contracts framed, well-paid and structured and multidisciplinary expertise. From year 2014, Liquid Factory has set up a structure of compensation based on the results, a process which will end in 2015 with the adoption of management by objective methodology.

Organized into three business units, the Liquid Factory property is managed by a project manager with experience in managing complex communication projects in critical sectors such as politics, the pharmaceutical and luxury.

The top management consists of a Chief Operating Officer and a Chief Executive Officer, he is assisted by a Senior Partner with thirty years experience in large corporations for strategic buoyancy definition and a Key Account Manager with twenty years experience in managing complex projects.

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    For support requests in case of active managed plans, open a support ticket through the address support[at]liquidfactory.it


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