Staging for fairs, events, gadgets

A Fair for a company is like a ball for a debutante. Would you go wearing shorts and slippers?

Liquid Factory plans, builds, and furnishes staging for fairs and events, company gadgets and creative material of every sort. To send you to the ball dressed to the hilt.



Staging and stands for fairs and events

The current market is characterized by an infinity of different types of stands, from fixed stands to stands that can be dismantled up to stands that are eco-compatible that can be recycled and used over and over again.

If on the one hand the stand can seem a secondary element, it represents a sort of "extension" of your headquarters at the event in question and in fact one of the most important touchpoints of your organization.


Company gadgets

A nice gadget can be a powerful instrument of marketing. But it can also be a risk to your reputation if it is not high quality , if it is not presented well, or even if it is simply a trivial gadget.

During times of crisis, it does not make much sense to spend money on expensive, useless gadgets that are often in bad taste. But at the same time it can be of great value to give to one's current and potential clients a useful instrument or a pleasant gadget that reminds them of your brand or product.

This is where Creativity comes into play and the necessity to propose amusing solutions at moderate cost that do not end up in the wastebasket after a few minutes.

Recently we have made various types of company gadgets in cardboard or departing from other objects: a smartphone case, in cardboard to be assembled, to table games, to pharmaceutical products, the budget is the only limit. And even there, we can boast a collaboration with important producers of company objects and with typographies of national renown.


Supplying stands and gadgets

In addition to the project, Liquid Factory is able to flank you in the production of the best stands and staging for fairs and events. Thanks to a collaboration with some of the most important typographies of Italy, we can guarantee quality and advantage managing if necessary the entire process of production of the material, from loading the car to the tones of color.

Furthermore, we also take care of the production of company gadgets,from the more traditional anti-stress, to completely custom made objects, planned ad hoc.

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