Hosting and cloud computing

With our solutions of hosting and cloud computing you save money and  gain in efficiency

Hosting is a service by which your domain is managed and to which is associated the physical space where the website files reside. In Italy many providers supply a hosting service of a good level but poorly personalized, or on the contrary, that take on dimensions that are way above the true needs of the client.




We are offering a service of hosting based on three different solutions (basic, advanced and premium) that however are personalized and adapted completely to your needs. In this way we can offer you a custom-made service, improve the performance of our servers hosted in very reliable European datacenters, and manage in first person every technical and bureaucratic dynamic relating to your dominion.

We have furthermore developed over the years advanced consulting expertise in information technology and architecture of web and company systems. We can offer you a consultation service having a double objective: increase the efficiency and reliability of your systems and significantly reduce the costs.

We have succeeded on many occasions, why not let us do the same for your company?


Google Apps

Google Apps a suite of instruments of cloud computing put together and made available by Google for the management of your company mail, of your shared schedules and documents of your company. Whether you're an entrepreneur at the head of a PMI or the head IT of a Top 100 Firm of Fortune, Google Apps could represent an integrated solution that allows you to improve time and resources and make significant savings.

An example? let's imagine that you have a server for the management of company mail and shared schedules. You might have an Exchange server, with relative license costs. You would certainly have management costs, high consumption and perhaps even frequent malfunctioning. Not to mention the encumbrance of the server and its unpleasant appearance (a rack in the office does not have the same effect as a fern!).

With Google Apps you can forget all of this. Your data will travel on Google servers, with an uptime of 99,99% and the users of your company will be able to keep their mail address of the type [email protected] but using it within the most popular postal service in the world; Gmail!

You will be able to brand every single aspect, manage advanced instruments like the SMTP mail carriers and have access to an enormous marketplace of additional applications, where you will find instruments for project management, invoicing, the management of assistance tickets and lots more.

The cost? Insignificant! Call us for a free estimate studied for your specific needs: you will be contacted within 24 hours by our expert for a chat and to eventually set up an appointment. So, are you ready to sell your old server?

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