Search engine marketing

Keyword marketing on Google AdWords and Facebook Circuits

It is not enough to have a functional website if it is known to only a few. A good strategy of web marketing allows not only for an increase in the number of visitors to a site, but also to increase that of visitors really interested.



PPC campaigns

Without doubt, the basis of a good strategy of presence on the web is to create a good site and improve it for the search engines. But at times it may not be enough. Especially if the expected results need to arrive in the shortest time. For this, the creation of marketing campaigns of the pay-per-click type is today one of the activities with the highest ROI possible in the area of web marketing.

We plan and implement activities of personalized web marketing for every client, in order to improve the presence on the search engines and the consequent visibility. We operate on the most frequently used advertising circuits of the world, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, in addition to a series of vertical and sector circuits.


Real Time Bidding

We take care of every single aspect of your campaign: from the project to the implementation up to the reporting, to which we dedicate special attention, so that we can give you data that will reflect the validity of the campaign and the eventual areas of improvement.

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