Video Marketing

The Production and distribution of high-quality promotional videos is one of the activities with the most potential on the communication level that can be featured on the web.


Video Marketing

Video marketing is the new frontier of the web: transmit a message with a video of three minutes has an infinitely major impact with respect to a long and boring text. Moreover the distribution of connections always more rapid has allowed in recent years for the exponential growth of web services like YouTube and Vimeo, today real giants of the web.

Promotional videos, furthermore, are material that can have an elevated emotional content, fundamental in an epoch in which to be remembered and to emerge in a sea of contents is always more difficult. And more importantly, all this can be easily shared on the social network with evident relapses in terms of the virality of the message diffused.


Company videos, show-reel, graphic animations

We produce company videos, show-reels, animations in 3D and filming with professional equipment, besides video transmissions in live streaming for events, conventions, medical congresses, and web TV.

We offer complete service, from filming to the editing, from dubbing to the creation of personalized musical backgrounds and jingles produced ad hoc.


Photograph Service and Audio-Video post-production

We are furthermore able to offer high-quality photographic services, from the initial shooting to the final output, whether they be images for a website or high-definition prints for an exhibition.

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